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    Overheating cpu


      I have overheating issues with my Q9450 processor. Recently the temperature spikes only when I am encoding a TS video. It rises up to 97 degrees Celcius but the boxed fan rpm remains in the low 2Ks. As soon as I discontinue encoding, the temperature goes down to the normal range of 30s to low 40s C. My cloned computer comprises of an ASUS P5E3 DELUXE WIFI AP, a Nividia GT8800, Windows Vista Ultimate and the power source is the Themalke 700W. I have cleaned out the heatsink and fan and also replaced the themal paste. All the fans seem to be working. The problem persists. The room temperature in my study which houses my desktop remains at 72 degrees F. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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          Javed Lodhi

          Hi Charles,

          Thermal specs for Q9450 state that it's O.T is 71.4 Celsius however with some applications, the temperature rises depending on the environmental conditions and of course, chassis design & PSU specifications. In your typical scenario, room temperature is favorable however from what I suspect, you need to look into the following and ensure if either is the case:

          Thermally Advantaged Chassis: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/pentium4/sb/CS-008537.htm

          Measure Ambient Temperature on an Active Thermal Solution: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-030171.htm

          Design and Integration Considerations: http://www.intel.com/cd/channel/reseller/asmo-na/eng/299984.htm


          I am implying that above mentioned could be one of the following reasons however if it's not the case, let us know so that we can proceed further to help you resolve the issue.

          Thank you, have a great day!


          Warm Regards,

          Javed Lodhi

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            Hi Javed,


            Thanks for your suggestions. Issues with Thermally Advantaged Chassis or Design and Integration Considerations do not seem to apply in my case. I have not measured the ambient temperature and I am not sure how helpful that would be.


            I would remain grateful if you could advance any further suggestion(s) to try to resolve this problem.





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              take a look at this thread. it seems that it is very much related.





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                Hello Ojoconcentrate,


                I looked up the link and what I could make out is that the thermal paste could be the problem in that case. Although it is not clear to me if reapplying the thermal paste solved that problem, in my case I did reapply the paste after air cleaning the fan and sink.


                Thanks for the input. I am open to more.



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                  I was finally able to solve my overheating Q9450. The problem was with the fan. I replaced it. Both the motherboard (ASUS P5E3 DELUXE WIFI AP @n) and the boxed processor came with a fan. I don't recollect which one I had initially installed, but I just replaced it with the other and the cpu is running just fine. It is quieter than the previous one and maintains the temperature in the low 30s C. When I encode DVDs, is rises to only about 50 degrees C. I am a happy camper. Thanks guys for all your input.