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    AXX6DRV3G S5500BC SC5650DP



         I'm working on installing on an already existing server, vmware esxi. so thought of getting the AXX6DRV3G and install it inside SC5650DP along with S5500BC server board. but:

         Couldn't install it physically as if something is missing to mount it instead of the old cage and the manual shows totally different chassis than mine, although its in the chassis and motherboard compatibility list. So i just put it there thought i'd figure out later how to mount it, connected 2 sata ports to the board, 2 power cables, inserted 2 sata drives, and ofcourse connected the IPMB and SGPIO to the board. Tried to update its firmware and i was successful, so now i know something is working. But again no drives were detected in the motherboard bios, and the server would reboot into bios as if nothing is there! so what should i do next? and is there additional mounting kit other than the fan?


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