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    problem with s5520sc while POST.


      first of all, i'm sorry about my short English.


      i have a s5520sc workstation board with Xeon X5670. each component was purchased individually.


      the problem is system could not pass a POST.

      when boot up a system, status LED is blink with orange since progress code(diagnostic LED) 0x12.

      and some progress is running continuously like a 0x57.


      after that time, the system is  shutdown with beep just one.

      all of diagnostic LEDs are off  but status LED, CPU fan, and system fan is still activated.


      the Intel support center in korea said that "we do not a check or care about the system which purchased individually. you must check the system yourself, and buy alternate product."


      what should i do?

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          0x12 is Starting application processor initialization, and 0x57 is Reserved for PCI Bus.


          Do you have anything in any PCI slot that you can temporarily remove?


          If you take out all the memory and power on, do you get the three beeps?  If you don't, then the processor may not be good.