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    PC will not power on off bios changes


        I installed a desktop PC board, Intel D945GTP/PLM LGA775 into a mini tower. I looked at the manual for the correct pin to cable specification for power switch etc....if the +ve pin is normally the coloured cable and not the Black or the White coloured cable then I will have those correct, but no matter which way I have the cables connected the pc behaves the same in this situation.

      The pc boots ok only if  I reinsert the cmos battery. I can change settings in the bios but after choosing the Save settings and the "Y" for yes option is chosen the PC reboots and I get to be asked to reset the jumper, presumed to mean the CMOS jumper to normal position. Oh cool, I do that and PC does not boot. The motherboard LED power light comes on but to get the pc to boot again I have to reinsert the cmos battery