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    DG45ID Hardware Virtualization Enabled but not working


      I have a DG45ID and a Q9550 processor, the board run for about 2 years Citrix Xen Server 5.5 without any problems. A few weeks ago hard disk started failing so we moved all vms to a new server.

      Now im testing the server with new disks to put it back in production. The issue is that i upgraded the bios to version 0135 and after the upgrade while installing xen server 6.2 it doesn’t detect hardware virtualization, even though its enabled on BIOS->Security and power cycle.


      things i tried:

      I tried loading defaults and setting Hardware Virtualization to enabled, power off, the on and tried install and nothing..

      Downgrade a few versions back to 097 and still the same.


      Any idea what could be the issue?

      Both (mother and processor) show as supporting VT.