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    Intel Desktop board D945GCNL supports sata AHCI for SSD ?


      Dear all,

      I ordered a SSD from crucial (m500, 240GB) and I would like to know if my Intel Desktop board D945GCNL supports sata AHCI ?


      1. The SSD is not in my possesion yet, and it is currently not installed in my system.

      2. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit.


      I have checked in general in Crucial.com that this board is compatible with this spesific SSD.

      Moreover, I ran microsoft Fix for TRIM which basically changes the following REGEDIT values of Start from 3 to 0:


      and then verified it is working via the following command in cmd (which returned 0, meaning it's OK):
      Fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify



      So overall it looks as if the TRIM function that windows 7 offers should work,

      But the BIOS does NOT show a AHCI option, only Native!

      (after of course I rebooted my pc a couple of times after the above mentioned steps)


      More info about my MB:



      So I'll greatly appreciate an answer whether I will be able to use the TRIM function even though my AHCI isn't chosen in the BIOS ?


      Thanks everybody!