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    Intel XHCI & Kingston HyperX 64GB USB 3.0


      Hi Guys,


      I’m having an issue that I know is not going to be solved quickly because of the fact we have 4 parties that could be "blamed".


      - Windows 7 installed ( Fully updated )
      - Kingston Hyper X 64GB USB 3.0 & Kingston DT Ultimate 32GB USB 3.0 ( USB Sticks )
      - Intel Chipset C216 XHCI ( Updated to last version from Intel )
      - Asus UX32VD Zen book ( Fully updated )


      Now I recently bought myself an Asus UX32VD Zen book that has 3 x USB 3.0 ports. The 2 on the right side work perfectly with the Kingston USB sticks. The one on the left side accepts the USB stick for about 3 seconds and then disconnects it and directly connects it again. This happens over & over & over again... * annoying USB detected windows sound *


      When during those 3 seconds I start a copy job to the USB stick, it works. When the copy job is done the disconnecting starts again. Now the USB ports on the other side do not have these issues. USB 2.0 sticks do work on the left USB port and a USB 3.0 ext. hard disk from LaCie also works on this USB port.


      - Now I already update the Intel chipset c216
      - Windows 7 is fully updated
      - USB power suspend has been disabled within the power options and hardware management
      - USB Sticks have been tested in other laptops with USB 3.0
      - USB Sticks also work in 2 other USB 3.0 ports


      Now to me it seems to be something with the XHCI driver. When I disable this function in the bios it lets me use the 2 USB 3.0 ports on the right side of the laptop but the one on the left side is fully deactivated. It seems this certain USB 3.0 port is connected or behaving differently than the other ones. The one major problem with deactivating the XHCI driver is that 1 USB port gets deactivated and the other ones act like USB 2.0 ports.


      Yeah, you could say that I could use one of the right USB 3.0 ports but they are all in use and because of the size of the Kingston USB sticks it does not fit on the right side when something else is plugged next to it :-)


      When reading online about this I get the feeling I'm not alone with this issue but I'm also not finding a solution for this and certainly someone needs to provide us a solution? Not Intel then Asus or Windows... But I believe this is more an Intel chipset issue than an Asus or Windows problem.


      What do you guys think?
      - Other test?
      - Or are there known solutions for this?


      Thanks for checking this topic out

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          Hello iDa, the latest version of the USB 3.0 XHCI driver provided by Intel is You may try the latest version provided by ASUS* (V1.0.5.235). However, this issue looks more like hardware so we highly recommend contacting the system manufacturer.

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            Hi Joe,


            First of all, Thanks for you feedback.


            - I tried with both ( latest from Intel, latest from Asus )

            - Bios is Updated to latest Rom from Asus

            - I also tried with a corsair gt flash usb stick: same issue for the left port


            I find it strange because on the right side of the laptop both USB 3.0 ports do work with the flash drives. Also when connecting a normal USB 3.0 HDD to the left port it also works. I keep thinking about the fact how the port is addressed by Asus? or Intel? Because when disabling XHCI it disables the left port entirely while the right ports still work but then on USB 2.0 speeds. So my guess is that or Asus addresses the left port on a wrong or different way or Intel's driver does something wrong.


            Like I said I think its going to be a hard topic to get sorted out. But when only having 3 USB ports, its a pain in the ***. I already need a dedicated USB port for the usb gigabit lan connector. 1 Port for my powered usb-hub that  gives access to my external keyboard, mouse, music system. 1 Port for my USB flashdrivers. Another way that I could try to solve this is to get a USB 3.0 HUB. But this is more a work around than a solution to a weird USB port :-)


            FYI: Im also in contact with Asus about this topic. Also gave them this link so they have to full detailed version.