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    HD4400 dim colour laptop screen in battery mode


      Recently I bought a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop which comes with Windows 8. It has HD4400 graphics.

      When I use the laptop on battery, the colours on the screen appear dim compared to when it was plugged in.


      I checked the Power options and disabled the settings in the Samsung apps which could interfere with the display.

      Brightness for Battery and Plugged In are set to 50% and adaptive brightness is disabled. I thought it might be

      related to the Display Power Saving Technology in the Intel Graphics options so I turned that off but it makes

      no difference. Increasing the brightness makes the screen brighter but the colour is still dim.

      The colours were fine after I reinstalled the graphics driver. But when the system was restarted, the problem

      came back.

      Any ideas? Thanks