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    intel headless opencl




      i can access to intel quicksync in igp headless mode but i cannot use intel igp opencl in headless mode when my monitor is connected to nvidia  discrete gpu further if i connect my monitor to intel igp i can access both intel opencl and nvidia opencl(confirmed with gpu-z and gpu caps viewer) is there a way to use intel opencl acceleration while connecting your monitor to nvidia dgpu.


      here are the steps for installation.


      windows 8 os - intel pentium g2020 cpu - Asus p8h61 mle motherboard with latest bios.


      1) i have installed windows 8 with my nvidia gt440 connected to monitor

      2) updated all windows drivers chipset directx etc.

      3) then i have enabled dual adapter from motherboard bios.

      4) installed intel gpu drivers + intel opencl sdk 2013 and then restart computer but i still cannot see intel opencl hardware acceleration available only cpu opencl device is available.

      please guide me to make opencl gpu acceleration work with headless intel igp. I have read the installation guide all files and registries are available on their right place. please guide me to setup headless igp opencl acceleration.