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    DRG845GRG front panel harness pins


      I recently purchased two legacy D845GRG motherboards with intel 2.26 GHz P4 CPUs.  I hope to set up a project for 6th, 7th graders to build their own computers for their classroom.


      My challenge is, i cannot determine from intel's .PDF documentation which pins should map to Pwr Swtch, hard disk activity LED, reset button, etc.  I see the pins marked Front Panel, and HDR on one set of pins (J9G1, J9G2)  and the other set marked Front Panel |  USB.


      Could someone point me to a diagram that would show how to connect the front panel wiring harness.  Most important is obvioulsy the front power switch (especially as i test the memory i installed in the baords).  But I would like to purchase decent cases and make the computers "look pretty."  Any help would be fantastically appreciated!    w.pl