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    ASUS P8Z77-V LK - Dual Monitors with HD4000 - HDMI and VGA


      I just setup a new P8Z77-V LK system with a dual Monitor setup with HDMI and VGA ports.


      When using windows 8 "Power options" - Turn display off: 10 minutes.  Only the VGA monitor goes to standby, the HDMI monitor just gets a black screen.  It recovers fine on resume.


      When the whole computer goes to full standby (sleep) both monitors get the standby signal which is good.


      The HDMI monitor is identified as "Digital Television"  and the VGA is classified as a "Monitor"


      The only other option I have is to get a DVI->HDMI cable and hope that works, but I bought an HDMI->HDMI cable without even thinking this would not work... Actually in single monitor mode it did not get the standby signal either with the "turn display off:  10 minutes" .  Which really shows it's just an HDMI-HDMI issue.


      I am using the latest drivers as of Sep 2013.