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    Need basic SIGNED drivers for my N-6300 card in my laptop


      I tried installing the software package in the download center for my card, but the installer doesn't run! There is a little loading animation, then the program just CLOSES! I tried a third party Dell installer package, but one of the drivers was UNSIGNED, so windows won't use it! And I'm using 64-bit Home Premium, so I can't disable driver checks through 'gpedit.msc,' disabling it through the command prompt or test mode has no effect, and this card is the only way I can get to the internet (I don't have access to the router.) I need just the straight signed drivers from somewhere. Anywhere! just a zip file I can unpack and point windows towards.


      I've been at this all day with this one part! I'm at my wit's end! I've literally been biting my knuckles trying not to punch the tower of the PC I'm typing this on, it's so frustrating.