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    SC5299-E Chassis Case Hot-swap Backplane AXX6DRV3G (6BP) latest HSC firmware


      I inherited an SC5299-E (SC5299DP) Chassis Case that has a S5000PSL motherboard in it. Through Bios Firmware update packages that I recently installed, the Hot Swap Backplane (HSC) firmware was updated to v2.05. I later found (HSC) v2.12 firmware on the Intel download site and upgraded to it.


      I did find v2.14 HSC firmware but it is states that it is for the Expanded Backplane and when I tried it the update attempt failed. So assuming the Backplane in my SC5299-E case must be the non-expanded type.


      Was wondering is HSC firmware version 2.12 the latest available firmware for the non-Expanded Hot Swap Backplane in the SC5299-E Chassis Case? It's the latest one I have been able to find by searching so far.


      Reason I ask is I am having problems with some SATA drives I have tried in location 0 ( boot drive location ) not being indentified/found at Bios bootup and the boot up halts with error code 23 on the Serial ATA AHCI iSrc 1.08 09252006 screen where it identifies and shows the sata drives present.