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    AMT KVM or SOL Session Causes Target PC Screen to Flicker



      When I connect to any target PC on my vPro test network via SOL and\or KVM, it causes the target PC's screen to flicker about once every 10 seconds. The screen just goes black for a second or so, then comes back to whatever it was displaying. This flicker is OS independent and happens while I'm in the BIOS, during boot, while doing Dell diagnostics, and inside the OS itself. It happens on multiple models of Dell Optiplex (990 and 960). The target systems do not have any discrete graphics or network cards installed. They only have the Intel onboard graphics and nic.


      For KVM, I'm using RealVNC 1.2.5 r111763.

      For SOL, I'm using Manageability Commander v0.1.26.


      I'm using Kerberos, but not TLS. I believe I have the simplest-possible SCS profile configured. Has anyone else experienced this 'flicker'?