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    Processor Overtemperature


      Two days ago I installed a new motherboard and processor in my PC. An ASUS P8Z77 and an i5-3570 processor with the intel cooler (1 package).

      When I start the PC I immedeately get the warning "CPU Over Temperature Error" and please go to BIOS via F1. The BIOS says that CPU temperature is 208.4F / 98.0C. CPU voltage is 0.984V.

      Already took off the cooler once to check on the ehatcompound. No anomalies and the processor was not even warm. Carefully replaced the cooler and doublechecked the 4 fasteners. I did not yet come to the point of installing my OS so testing temperatures with all kinds of software is not an option.

      Is there anything else to check or is my prcessor defective?


      Cees Timmer (NL)

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          Hi CRT,

          There are some tips I would like you to try:

          1. Take the motherboard outside of the case and test it on a non-conducted surface.
          2. Check that the processor has enough Thermal Material on it.
          3. Make sure the heat sink fan is connected to the CPU Fan Header and not the Rear Fan header.
          4. Disconnect all components, take the battery out and wait 20-30 minutes to clear the CMOS. Then reconnect all devices again.
          5. If possible test a different Fan.
          6. Feel free to test a different processor on your motherboard so you can confirm if the processor is damage.


          In case you have tested this, you can try a bios update on your motherboard. If issue persists, I recommend you contacting your local support so they can help you out with the RMA of the product.