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    Black OPs 2 - Loading Issues.


      As I'm not the only one with the issue, for the past several months I have been having issues with Call of Duty - Black OPs 2 map loading. The game in itself runs perfectly fine with the Intel HD 4000, but takes about a minute to two minutes just to load a map. This is on any game mode (single player, zombies, multiplayer), any setting (Low/Med/High), and with or without shadows. The game in itself runs around 50 FPS on High and without any hanging.


      [Black Ops 2] [Intel HD Graphics 4000 - Loading issues] - YouTube


      The video itself is choppy due to the recording software - had to record in a window instead of just in game to show that the game hangs for a minute or two, otherwise while recording in game, the recording cuts from the time it reaches the end, skips the minute of no activity/slowdown and into the game - or not into the game and back to the main menu.phics


      Video was posted in late May, but is still relevant to this day even with the latest drivers ( - 9/11/2013)


      I have tried contacting Treyarch/Activision in this regard, but unfortunately I am greeted with "That GPU is not supported."


      Laptop Specs :


      - Brand : Asus K55A

      - Processor : Intel Core i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50 GHz

      - RAM : 8 GB

      - OS : Windows 8 64-Bit

      - Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 4000 ( - latest)

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          Hi BladeMaverick,

          Based on your description it seems that the graphics controller seems to be working fine since the FPS are normal and game play is fine as you mentioned.

          We have a game compatibility list that you can check here:



          It shows the tested games but if a game is missing can be because it has not been tested yet or it is not compatible with the controller.


          Since you have tested at this point our generic driver, my best recommendation is either contact the computer manufacturer to get the custom drivers from them or contacting the game manufacturer for a patch or update on this game.

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            Unfortunately in reply from support from Treyarch/Activision, they only said that the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is not supported and will not receive a patch. "Your GPU is not supported."


            And unfortunately ASUS has not released any other custom drivers for my model of laptop. The latest is from October 2012. Hence why I'm using the latest Generic Driver.