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    DQ45EK - ICHR10 Raid doesn't allow >2TB discs??


      I use my DQ45EK as homeserver board, and it has 3 x 1TB drive connected in RAID 5 mode. This works well.

      I need more space, so I bought 3 3TB drives, and tried setting them up in Raid 5. Unfortunately they all show up as 746GB instead of 3TB.

      When I run in normal AHCI mode, they do show up fine.


      I tried the latest Rapid Storage drivers, but they did not allow me to create raid volumes from within windows (8 or 2012). I found a version linked from the dq45ek page and that did allow me to create a volume from within windows. However, it also did not let me create something bigger then 2 x 746GB.

      It mentioned specifically that the Option ROM was too old to support >2TB drives. Further searching on the internet shows that you need a option rom with 10.6+, while this option rom (from latest bios 1333) is only 8.x


      So, I am wondering, what options are left?


      Is there a beta bios available with a new OROM? Is there a way to hack the bios to include a new OROM? Or is the only option now to switch to 2TB drives or buy a new mobo?