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    P4 vs. P8 will my cpu work???


      Hey everyone,


      I have a gigabyte GA EP45 UD3P motherboard and it has a P8 connector for the cpu, my cpu is an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, in the motherboard manual it says to

      use a P8 connector when using Intel Extreme Edition processors (130w). Now i have a modular PSU and it would suit me better to use the P4 connector rather

      than the P8 due to space etc. I assume in the manual when it says 130w it means TDP? and i have had a look on here and the TDP for the E8400 is 65w. But

      I have read the P4 was initially used for Pentium 4 CPUs, and i had a look with not much luck apart from wikipeia and most of the TDPs were between 85w-110w


      Basically i just want to make sure it will be ok to use the P4 connector with my CPU and Motherboard? thanks for all the help in advance i'm quite new to

      computer building and i am getting a bit of a headache! thanks again



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          should be fine. this processor is not very power hungry so the 4 pin cpu power connector should work fine if your board supports that.



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            Thanks OJ, already sort of sorted it out. in the end i decided to turn my psu up the other way so the psu fan is facing the mobo.


            I saw a few videos on youtube and noticed it, so i thought i would give it ago seeing as my case is slightly bigger than the one i saw with the psu mounted that way (and some antec cases dont give you the option?). i think it should be fine like that though i was a little worried about airflow but no problems as of yet... and besides my room is very dusty so it probably (well definately) wouldnt do the psu any good sucking up a load of dust. just waiting on a fan controller so i can tweak that and its better with the fan facing up i now have room for a 120mm bottom fan again! with it facing down the modular cables were too tight so i tried it with an 80mm fan but i didnt like it... lol. but its connected up with the p8 now


            Again thanks for the help