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    S1200BTL Issue


      Hi. I have a S1200BTL server motherboard  PBA E98681-304. I installed an E3-1240(v1) Xeon processor. I installed Kingston KVR13E9/8i(x4) memory. When I start the server, I get one long beep and the server starts to boot for about 25 seconds, shuts down and reboots over and over with no video. From all of the info I can find, this configuartion should work. PLEASE HELP!!!. Thanks.


      UPDATE: I took the memory out of the A2 and B2 slots and the server boots. So it will boot up with 16gb of memory. The motherboard is supposed to support 32gb of memory. If I install a memory stick in either A1 or A2 or both, I will not boot. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Update the BIOS/Firmware with one or two DIMMs installed, if you haven't done so. Try two DIMMs in A1 and A2 to see if it boots. If it's the certain DIMM slot that prevents the system from booting, check the DIMM slot and CPU slot for bent pins.


          You can also run SEL Viewer to check for errors: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21059

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            Sorry. I stated the wrong slots that are not working. A1 and A2 are working. If I install a memory stick in B1 and/or B2 the server will not boot.

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              It's OK. Same test method, update BIOS/FW, check bent pins, check SEL.

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                Updated bios. Checked pins and processor. Everything looks OK. Also, with the 16gb of memory installed, I am trying to load SCO Open Server 6.0.0. The CD boots and the SCO Open Server screen displays then the screen disappears and the load process and CD stops with a blank screen. I think the motherboard is bad although it is new and never has been used.

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                  Same problem here, albeit its the A1 and A2 dimm sockets that is causing the issue. I have 3 of this boards and the 3rd one being bought recently....


                  I have supported Kingston memory and supported Samsung memory form the Intel list. When i put just one dimm in socket B1 the server starts, when i put another one in that channel, the server also boots, gving me 16GB. But when i use either A1 or A2, the server gives me a long beep and does nothing...



                  So in short: New board, Supported KVR kit ( from Intel list, working in my 2 other S1200BTLs) and Samsung kit ( also working in my other boards)....


                  Seems like a board issue?


                  Also: when i use a dimm in both blue slots the same beep code appears with an Amber led blinking on the back....

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                    You mean all your three boards have the same problem?

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                      Hi I am having the same issue with a Mother intel S1200BTL and memory sticks Kingston KVR13e9/8i. Already updated bios and problem still remains.

                      I have another two Intel Motherboards but S1200BTS and it works fine with those sticks.

                      Any ideas?


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                        Motherboard was deemed defective. Obtained an RMA number and returned the motherboard for replacement.