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    questions about i350



      I have some questions about i350 as follow:

      the datasheet said that i350 has four MAC which can be configured as a PHY or a SERDES,i want to know that should the PHY and SERDES of the same MAC  be used at the same time. Are they conflict?

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          Hi jia,

          I asked one of our experts. He said you cannot use both PHY and SerDes on the same port at the same time; therefore, you won't have a conflict.


          Below is the exact reply I got from the expert:

          One can mix the interfaces, both PHY and SerDes but they can’t be used simultaneously on the same port. For example; ports 0&1 = PHY, Ports 2&3 = SerDes will work but you can’t have Port 0&1 being both PHY and SerDes.

          The EEPROM image must also be compatible with the port layout so you should check the available images before starting on a design.


          I hope this helps.