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    Is my E6750 CPU compatible


      Hi everyone.  I have an Intel M/board DQ965gf and I wish to upgrade my cpu.  The website compatibility site lists amongst others, the E6700 - 2.66ghz - 4mb - 1066.  I already have an E6750 - 2.66 - 4mb - 1333 and I am wondering if it is the same family as the 6700 and would be compatible with my board. Your advice would be much appreciated before I did any damage!!!

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          Rapporman, I would like to tell you that the E6700 is not fully compatible with the DQ965GF motherboard. The compatibility details differ per processor revision.



          The following link will show you the information for both processors so you can compare them. http://ark.intel.com/compare/27251,30784    


          You can give it a try, if the processor is not compatible to the motherboard, the system is not going to power on. It is not going to cause any damage to the motherboard.

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            Many thanks for your reply.  There is a small printed notice stuck to my motherboard which has the number D4106-402 on it, so can I assume that is the board revision number, in which case the E6700 would appear to be compatible with my board.  Could you confirm this please.


            Also, the E6750 has virtually the same specification as the 6700 but I am wondering if the fact that its bus speed is 1333mhz compared to the 6700's 1066mhz would do any harm?


            Your advice on both paras would be much appreciated.