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    3840x2160@120Hz from Haswell


      Hi there

      on the page Nr. 36 from the "Desktop 4th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family: Datasheet, Vol 1" (http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/processors/core/4th-gen-core-family-desktop-vol-1-datasheet.html) is stated, that one could output simultaneously 2x (3x) 3840 x 2160@60fps in case there are 2(3) DP and/or eDP on the board.




      I have a board with Intel Core 4Th generation with Intel Graphics 4600. This board has 2xDP (eDP) as an output and I have a monitor/TV with 2xDP as an input. I want to display a video shot in 3840x2160@120fps as a true 3840x2160@120fps on my monitor/TV! Will Intel HD 4600 allow me to do it? Basically the idea is, that every even frame (3840x2160) would be send to DP Nr. 1 and every odd frame (3840x2160) would be send to DP Nr. 2 (or anything else?). The T-con of my TV/monitor will then put these alternating frames together (2 x 3840x2160@60) and will send a video signal to the display of my monitor/TV (3840x2160@120).

      Thanks for answers!

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          Each video port (pipeline) from the motherboard/system will be separated from the other, not that the controller will make a difference between "odd and pair" frames to send them through each one of the DP ports in the system.

          In this case, that configuration is not supported nor validated.