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    N-1000 connects for 2-3 minutes then drops


      I'm stumped and could use some help. I have a toshiba laptop with intel centrino wireless N-1000 adapter. It was just sent to me as a replacement because my other prior toshiba had been sent in for repair 4 times in the last six months. They finally gave up and sent me a completely different refurbished model. The problem is this wifi adapter disconnects after 2-3 minutes. I have 4-5 other wifi devices (iPad, laptops, iPhone, roku, ...) and these all connect and stay connected. It's just the toshiba that has the problems.  I have downloaded the latest proset drivers and installed them successfully.


      I'm pretty good with computers and I've setup dozens of laptops and other devices to run on wifi with no problem. It sees the SSID, I enter the password and it connects, works for 2-3 minutes, then stops. I've tried changing my router to use specific channels and also set it on auto, but I that doesn't seem to help. I tried changing the security encryption from WPA2 to WEP, no help. I don't know what else to do. The internet connection is fine using a cable, just the wifi has the problem.