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    DB85FL - No video card error when installing video card


      After installing win 8.1 pro on my board and have it working, I then install a video card and made some tweaks in bios and now it boots with error beeps (two beeps - pause - two beeps)


      I remove bios jumper and it still beeps


      I pull video card and it boots fine.


      I reinstall card and it boots fine.  Win 8.1 pro says secure boot misconfigured and I go back into bios and enable secureboot only and now it is giving me no video error beeps again.  but this time it continues to boot and I get the desktop just fine.


      Now I can get into bios as there is no video.  I try pulling power cord and wait for the motherboard led to go out, then I replug in power and hold the power switch for a second or two until it beeps, which is suppose to clear bios, but I still get the video error and I still can get into the bios.


      I even tried switching monitor to integrated video and still get no video beeps.


      I installed the latest bios (19) first thing when I got the board.


      My video card is an evga gtx 650 superclocked (01G-P4-2652-KR) if this matters any.