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    Two different resolutions on two different monitors - HD 4000 - i7 3770k


      Hi folks. I really hope someone will be able to help me out here.

      I have a desktop setup containing an intel core i7 3770k, with a gigabyte z77n-wifi MB.


      I wish to run a dual monitor setup, with one screen which resolution is 1920 x 1200 and the other 1680 x 1050. I want the screens mirrored.


      Available to me i have a DVI port and two HDMI port. I've tried using both DVI + HDMI, and HDMI + HDMI.


      I found the "CustomModeApp.exe" in "C:\Windows\System32" and created custom resolution which i could't choose afterwards.


      I'm running windows 8, but if this could work in windows 7 only i can change to that.


      Additional information.

      Screen 1: BenQ V2400W - 76/83 hz

      Screen 2: Samsung Syncmaster T200 - 75/81 hz dual

      If anyone could make this work i would GREATLY appreciate it!

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          Intel® HD Graphics support Clone or Extended graphics when using two video displays. While using Clone desktop, the primary display content is driven through two pipes and displayed on another display with same resolution and same color depth. This allows the user to configure different refresh rates on each display, however the resolution will be the same.

          The only option that enables using different resolutions is Extended desktop, however the image will not be cloned or "mirrored" as you mentioned.