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    Acceptable Processor temperature E8500


      Hi Guys,


      I've had a look around the internet and cannot find a definitive answer to the question im after. I have an E8500 processor in which i think is running too hot, What are the disadvantages of a processor running too hot? Will it shorten its lifespan? If so by how much?


      What ill affects could a processor running at 75+ degrees have?


      Any help would be great


      Many Thanks


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          Hi there,


          Actually, to give an exact answer for this, I dont have one, sorry.


          But i know for sure that if the CPU is working far beyond the normal operating temperature, this will affect the lifespan of the CPU.


          Here are some tips what to do:


          1. Go to this link http://ark.intel.com

              Check the operating temperature for the CPU (if your system is running like 5 degrees more, then you will need to start to worry)


          2. Remove the CPU Fan, remove the CPU, clean the thermal paste, and re-apply a small amount of thermal paste

              Reintegrate the CPU properly


          3. Check on the Motherboard Website

              CMOS clear and then apply the new bios to the board.


          4. Check the CPU temperature from the BIOS


          If you have temperature higher than the threshold temperature from the BIOS, then it can be due to any of these:
          a) bad integration
          b) PSU not ATXv2.2
          c) Chassis is not TAC (Thermally Advantage Chassis)

          d.) Bios Issues


          Last test: Try the system out of the chassis and see if it makes a difference.


          Contact the Board Manufacturer for further information.


          Hope this helps a bit.


          All the best,




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