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    DZ77BH-55K Updated to BIOS 0100 RAM Issue


      I recently updated my DZ77BH-55K board (3770K processor) to the new BIOS 0100 (05/17/2013) using Intel Integrator Toolkit. I updated my BIOS since Intel Desktop Utilities didn't work before. Once I did so, the system restarted and starting posting memory problems. Before the update, I had four sticks of 8 GB installed, with no problems at all. However, now I can only use two sticks of RAM (16 GB total) at one time. I tested each stick, and each runs fine individually. What is the problem?


      Also, a side question: when I updated the BIOS, my computer boots to an Intel Desktop Board inside logo, but no longer shows the sleek Windows 8 logo. How do I get it back? Thanks!