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    Intel® Remote Management Module 4 hangs up web access


      Hello, dear sirs.


      I recently got a new Intel server

      PROD.CODE: R1208GL4DS

      SERIAL NO: FHBU228100Q

      TA.NO: G52092-001


      I continiously experiance problem with Intel RMM 4 preinstalled chip.

      After power on this server RMM works normally for several hours. After that it suddenly stop responding via it's web interface.

      Btw., ssh seems not to responding as well.


      From BIOS I can read following virsions:

      Board Part Number: G29051-352

      Board Serial Number: QSGR22000785

      BMC Frimware Revision: 1.00.2612

      ME Frimware Revision:

      SDR Revision: SDR Package D.08

      UUID: 0E213A40A30811E1-B523001E67490CE4


      Can you, please, provide me with instructions on how I can eliminate this problem?

      I read on several fourums that may be frimware update can heal my system from hangs ups.

      Thank you!


      Sergey Petrunin


      Update: upgrading frimwere to lastest version (from 09/18/13) do not help. Problem remains.