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    SR2400 with SE7520JR2 mobo, SCSI to SATA conversion?


      As the title suggests, I have a SR2400 server chassis with a SE7520JR2 motherboard. This has the original scsi configuration that comes with the server. I've noticed kits to swap out the backplane and make it SATA ready. We repurpose old servers at NAS boxes to save money and was wondering if this is possible with what I have? I'm thinking i'd need a 3rd party RAID card to get all 6 drives working to replace the Adaptec SCSI riser card to get this working. Any insights would be appreciated!


      Edit: Doing further research, we might have to also buy the RAID card on ebay, just read a Tested Hardware and Operating Systems List document from Intel for the SE7520JR2 and all the cards listed are fairly old. Cheap buys on ebay, though so it'll save that much more money.