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    Intel SS4000-E Prompts with Initialization Page on Login


      Guys - I need to know if I have any hope whatsoever at getting to our Data. We have an Intel SS4000-E with fs-bc - 1.1-b214 firmware it is giving us the issue where you never get to the web management login page and it only gives you the initialization page. I have had limited success in trying to find a solution on-line. All we know for now is that the "Boot up area" has been corrupted somehow by an improper shutdown (ie. a Power Failure).  It is very frustrating because we know the Data is there, however, access to the data is not permitted...  There was an article regarding entering the system via SSH and copying off the Data to an external USB using as series of commands, however... You are required to Login First...  The article says if you are prompted with the Initialization Page do not proceed any further and contact Intel Support for Assistance... We have tried the Support path via the Intel Website but we are in a different timezone so 1 e-mail response per day is all we get and it appears we are not making it up to anybody who has knowledge of this issue... I work for the Red Cross in Tsunami Operations in Indonesia - our "automated backups" were of no help... ANY Assistance much appreciated.


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          Yes, definitely stick with Intel technical support.  There is a long series of scripts they can run to recover the data.  We do have phone centers open around the world - Indonesia isn't listed specifically, but you should be able to find a close match at http://www.intel.com/support/9089.htm

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            - if you have backup of the data that is on the storage, just take out the drives while the system is powered off, then start it and upgrade the firmware as described in release notes for the firmware update. this will not bring your data(the operation is data destructive as the new FW handles differently folders so everything will be deleted) back but you will have the system back operational. is good after the update to insert each disk after another and always do a scan, this will allow you in 90% to recreate the raid with the old drives. if not you will have to clear the master boot record and try again then. Sometimes these devices are little bit stubborn if there is info about existing raid in the MBR.

            - if you do not have a backup of the data, you will need to send it in to Intel for data recovery(actually Intel support will only restore the configuration on the device as there is just lost the path to the stored data which makes the whole system inaccessible, it's done over the serial connector onboard). just tell to the people on the support center that you have the issue with lost access and that you need a recovery of the system and they should already know because it's a very often case.