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    CIR port on DH61AG not working in Windows 8.1


      I'm using an DH61AG mainboard with an Inteset CIR receiver (newer model with red status led) connected to the CIR port.


      But I've just updated my system to the latest bios version 106 and made a clean install of Windows 8.1 RTM x64 - and now the CIR port itself doesn't work anymore. With previous versions of Windows 8 or the bios this was no problem at all.


      When I open up the device manager, the CIR port is listed as an unknown device right at the top. When I disable the CIR port in the bios, this entry disappears.


      I've tried to install the Windows 7 x64 drivers, which previously worked fine under 8.0, but the port is still listed as an unknown device.