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    Intel Graphics HD 4000 Blu-Ray playback failure




      I'm currently using the following:

      - Samsung ATIV Book 4

      - Intel Core i5-3230M @2.6GHz, driver version 6.2.9200.16451

      - Intel Graphics HD 4000, driver version

      - Pioneer BDR-XD04 external Blu-Ray player; driver version 6.2.9200.16384

      According to quick scans, all drivers appear to be up-to-date.


      I'm trying to play a Blu-Ray via CyberLink PowerDVD 10, but it indicates that the graphics card is not capable of Blu-Ray playback. Using their "BD & 3D Advisor" utility, it gives me a failure as follows:


      Graphics Card: Microsoft Basic Render Driver; BD Ready? No

      Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for H.264: None

      Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for MPEG-2: None

      Hardware Dual-Video Decoding Capability for VC-1: None


      After browsing forums for similar issues, it seems like everything should be fine, but I freely admit that I'm only marginally savvy with this sort of thing.


      I guess my question(s) is: Am I doomed? If not, how do I correct this issue?


      Thank you