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        I have recently upgraded my wi-fi card from a Intel wireless n-130 to the AC 7260 as well Andrew.I am getting amazing speeds with my Netgear R6100AC wireless router. As far as your connectivity issues are concerned i have yet to experience that as a problem, however my laptop will no longer remember my network settings. i did some digging and realized that neither Intel or Windows is generating the .xml file needed to be saved as a network profile. currently trying to figure out how to generate that info so i can manually save it. you can view your network profiles by opening cmd (Start+R) -> typing: netsh wlan show profiles <enter>. I am 90% sure this issue is related to our problems. hope this helps



        Samsung, Intel Pentium B950, Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Intel Wireless Dual Band AC-7260 w/ Bluetooth4: Driver v. 

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          the 2.4 band tends to house a lot of other device frequencies like wireless phones, and other routers in the area that might also be running the same band. play around with the channels until you find one that works

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            My Intel Wireless-N 7260 (not AC) also facing "limited connectivity" issue when using Intel official driver. So, hopefully Intel fix it as soon as possible.

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              I have the same problem with Intel Wireless-N 7260. The card works just fine, but after a few minutes transfer slows down to about 4Mb/s.

              I tried with all drivers and always have the same problem. Sometimes the card loses connection and I must reset it.

              Is it planned to fix the drivers?

              Windows 7 64bit Professional.

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                I am having the exact same problems as you, me and my brother both have brand new windows 8 pcs with it and neither of us can connect to our wifi unless we put it right next to the router.  Even when we are right next to it it still ranges between 3 to 5 bars.  I have found out that using an ethernet cord is the best solution for this cause the part really just sucks.

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                  I bought a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus a couple months ago which includes the Wireless-N 7260 adapter and have had constant and seemingly random drop-outs ever since on Windows 8.1. I have tried several different driver versions (currently running 16.7), and played with all adapter settings with no success. I am using Apple Airport routers at home, and Cisco wireless access points at the office. I have completely reformatted and re-installed Windows 8 and 8.1.


                  Last week I convinced myself that the adapter must be defective and after a frustrating interaction with a useless Samsung support rep that led to nothing, I decided to replace the Wireless-N adapter and ordered a new Wireless-AC adapter from Amazon. Just installed it tonight, and no change. Still experiencing the exact same drop-outs.


                  @Joe: I would be happy to participate in testing. I meet most of your requirements.

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                    If it's not apparent to anyone else here, Intel is clearly not interested in solving this problem.


                    I purchased a USB WiFi dongle which now gets to hang out of the side of my brand new ultrabook for the rest of it's life because two different internal Intel NICs couldn't do the job. Problem (sort of?) solved. At least I have a consistent connection now, albeit via an ugly joke of a solution.


                    I purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of computer equipment each year and this is completely unacceptable.


                    Intel is dead to me.

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                      I can only second to AaronL. It's been several months already when the problem was first reported and no improvement so far. I own brand new Asus UX302DL with the same dual band AC7260, and surely I experience network drops. Driver update (including Windows Update and joe_intel's suggested links) did not help any more than a mere PC reboot, and problem occurs with several different APs, including rock-stable industrial Motorola/Symbol ones. The only workaround was to give 802.11n up and disable HT mode in device properties. However this is exactly not the reasons why I paid for new expensive ultrabook.

                      AC7260 also displays problems with Bluetooth (namely loses connection with mouse), but that's another story.


                      Windows 8.1 x64 and Windows 7 Pro x64 (dual boot on same machine, same network speed drop experience)

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                        I recently read some people are confused about the driver versions that appear in Device Manager for this adapter model and the operating system used. Intel® Proset Software packages do not necessarily contain drivers for all combinations of wireless adapters and operating systems. Please refer to the table provided in the article below.


                        Intel� Wi-Fi Products; Intel� PROSet Wireless Software driver versions by Operating System


                        An easier way to update will be using the Intel® Driver Update Utility.


                        I am sorry to know some of you continue to experience issues. Please let us know if you noticed improvements with the latest version (16.6).

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                          Problem persists even with With this version when the speed drops makes even browsing impossible - skype disconnects and nothing pass through. If there is something I can help you with guys I am at your disposal. Lets get this solved!


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                            The problem persists at its full extent with drivers as well as (the ones that Windows Update offers to install, which, judging by version number, are newer than ones offered by Intel Driver Update Utility and provided on Intel's driver download site.


                            The site I am currently working in has 40+ active and visible APs (all in 2.4 GHz band), more than 100 handheld WiFi terminals and close to 50 active Bluetooth barcode scanners. While I understand this is a tough environment RF-wise, but my old notebook with older Intel 6205 WiFi card works in 802.11n at high speed without a single glitch, while new ultrabook with AC7260, sitting on the same desk and connected to same AP, does not survive more than half an hour before throttling WiFi speed to 1mbps and breaking active network connections down to complete unusability. PC reboot or adapter disabling/enabling restores connection. Putting PC to sleep (any sleep state) and waking up surely cripples WiFi operation until next reboot.


                            It's obvious and a pity that Intel and its representatives (joe_intel) do know that problem still exists, but fail to recognize it and pretend that it is solved in latest drivers they provide. It is NOT.

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                              The 7260 drivers just can't cope with extreme WiFi interference. I have around 30 APs in range at my place and I used to get that issue at 2.4 GHz resulting to downloads and uploads being interrupted. I used to get this issue with all of previous released drivers but with drivers, this issue for me was fixed somehow @ 2.4 GHz. It still slows down to as low as 18 Mbps for a second or two (on a few occasions) but it quickly returns to 144 Mbps when there's data streaming. It's always at 144 Mbps for the most part. To completely minimize interference, I added a 5 GHz AP and the issue was completely eliminated! I have never had an issue when connected to 5 GHz band.

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                                I sold dirt N1030 Intel to buy another mess of Intel 7260 AC. Looks like smart guys who produce this crap are more interested in commercials and praise. Smart!! You are able(at least in 1-2-3 years) to create a DRIVER FOR YOUR misery?? If you can't, let your skilled folks and make others job! Grab your broom given better ....It is the last time I will buy a product Intel !

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                                  My problem is, that my Intel Dual Band Wireless-N 7260 also manages Bluetooth (Lenovo T440s).

                                  Everytime Windows tries to establish a WLAN connection, Bluetooth stops working and vice-versa.


                                  That problem occured first after the update from Windows 8 to 8.1


                                  All drivers tried.


                                  joe_intel, is there an estimated time when these issues will probably be fixed?

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                                    On my old laptop at home wi-fi card is an Intel 5100 (dual band) who brings over 100 mb / s compared to the acquisition, Intel 7260 wi-fi needle out not more than 40mb / s (that no matter how many settings i would do). If you look at the specs on paper, 7260 needle is superior to the 5100 agn but in reality it is not, is weaker. It is a matter of drivers, the problem that would have to be resolved until today. No more struggling with all the router settings / setup the network card because the problem is actually INTEL!

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