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        Both bands work excellent for me. On 2.4 GHz single band Netgear WNR2000v1 router  I get about 64 Mbps on a 144 Mbps connection at home (5 meters away with 1 wall between) using copy and paste 500 MB file from another computer connected to Ethernet. My internet plan at home is 15 Dl / 1 Up and I get all that speed throughout the house (maximum 10 meters away from the router). At university 5 GHz band, see my first post in this thread.


        As for stability of connection, I never get disconnection with any of the drivers for 7260 that Intel published. In addition, I never touch the "Advanced" setting stuff that people play around to get a "better" connection. It's all about drivers and OS compatibility with the hardware and much less likely, compatibility with routers.

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          Well, that is true that is where the problem "ultimately" resides, because as I've said before, router protocols are pretty standard, and things need to be made to work with them, not the other way around.


          But, our particular problem is "also" router related, because as you've said, most people work fine with the 7260 or the other cards from Intel or otherwise.  Thus, some people aren't working properly because of something with certain routers.


          But anyway, the problem is on the Intel end, and it's nuts that they've been working on this problem for a year now and no resolution.

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            I have no issues with AC speed, it's the 2.4 band I have issues with.

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              See my thread here for info that might help?  https://communities.intel.com/thread/45025

              I seem to have a workaround.....

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                I will try it, but I don't think it will help. Intel must fix the drivers period. I have couple older N 2.4 band routers so I will test it. Some other laptops I have supports A 5 band(54 Mbps) so I switched them to it instead of 2.4 G and those work fine.

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                  Leo: an obvious question, but do you have a wireless (landline) phone in the house? If so, what frequency is it on? I used to have a 2.4ghz phone set and it did not like my router and PC--the latter of which seemed mostly unaffected or at least as far as I could tell. Maybe you are getting 2.4ghz interference from someplace else (other routers nearby)? Just a guess.

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                    My 2.4 band was working fine before I had AC card in stalled. My phone is DECT 6.0 and it does not have any interference. Thanks

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                      I just purchased a Dell XPS12 Win8 64bit which has the 7260ac dual band.. wifi Bluetooth combo card.   out of the box new this card is consistently dropping wifi and Bluetooth.   I spent some time trying to see where the issues were and of course I upgraded the drivers.  amazing I had to do that on a brand new day old machine.


                      this is what I found.

                      I have 26mbps connection from uverse.



                      After having several download and speed test that crashed with cant file read errors etc. I turned off my Bluetooth mouse.  without the Bluetooth connection I downloaded over 20mbps and uploaded close to 5mbps.  no crashing and most of the tests actually completed.


                      Then I do the same exact test with Bluetooth connected I found that the download speed dropped over 1/2 to like 10mbps and it would always crash on the upload test.   Also if I moved the mouse during the download phase it would sputter and skip across the screen as if it has very little compute cycles for it.  And it usually crashed the download.


                      I am currently at a loss.   I had the card 7260ac replaced - it produced the same issue.  I am not sure what else to do as I have updated all the proset drivers for that level of card.  I am going to have to send back this machine which is very nice because the network connection and Bluetooth doesn't work.


                      Any thoughts.

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                        We all know it's a driver. I switched my network to 5 GHz band and it's more stable, but now have only one card that has issues on my network. Guess which one....



                        You guessed correctly, it is 7260. It quits seeing 5 GHz band and switches to 2.4 band and than I would loose internet on laptop with 7260 card. All other laptops are just fine. INTEL FIX THE ISSUES.


                        I talked some tech support guys at work and they all said "STAY AWAY FROM INTEL CARD". They say they have issues with all N-card.

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                          For those who were not able to fix the issue with the latest drivers, we are looking for volunteers willing to assist testing and debugging drivers. The people who would like to help with this task must be using our latest driver ( for Windows* 8) and still have connection drops. Please note the following considerations:


                          • Be a technical savvy person in wireless networking.
                          • Be willing to install/uninstall drivers and provide feedback.
                          • Have software skills. If possible, knowledgeable in software debugging.
                          • If possible within the United States (Portland, Oregon is a plus).


                          In order to participate please send me a private message.

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                            Here's the only real fix I've been able to find.....


                            Re: 3 different cards/computers ALL wireless dropping...!!!


                            Basically you have a junk router that simply isn't compatible with newer wireless tech.

                            I know this because 3 different computer manufacturers, 3 different wireless card models & two different manufacturers, and even 3 Wireless Extenders models from two different manufacturers wouldn't connect well to my router.


                            Can't really blame Intel on this, because an Atheros card and three wireless extenders NetGear and Belkin did the same when connecting to the router....  It's more so a problem with crappy routers.

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                              I just purchased Intel Dual - Band AC 7260 HMW 2x2 AC+BT - Sistem information WIN 7 Prof 64bit + Asus G73JH I720QM, previciuos WLAN adapter "atheros ar9285"

                              Test that i made:

                              - with Atheros 150M + Router Asus RT N10E 150M - around 70mbps  - without any problems  in 6-8 months

                              - other laptop other adaptor e.g Inter Centrino 6200 etc + same Asus RT N10E  around 70 mbps  - withou any problems  6-8 months

                              - with 7260 AC  +Router TP-LINK WDR3600 DUAL-BAND 300+300 4+1Gb port(newest firmware)  - all posbile drivers included those from HERE  in both 2.4 and 5ghz without channel overlap or bonding with Channel Width: AUTO  - ~40 mbps (but connected at 300mbps)

                              - same schematic but with Channel Width: 40MHZ  - ~60mbps - still slow (connected at 300mbps)


                              After tons of testing  - with THIS DRIVER Version V15.9.0.5  but is in fact this version  there (i don't know why) i was able to have this results

                              - in 2,4 Ghz - everything default - still connected to 300mbps only ~65mbps  - only 3-4MB/s with drop

                              -  5GHZ every thing default  FULL SPEED without  any drop low signal or other problems - this means 95mbps (this is maximum from my provider)

                              In the next days i will have 1Gbps connection from provider and  i can not wait to see how wil be the results on speedtest. i'm sure that i can achieve minimum 170mbps in 5 ghz

                              I wans't been able to find a driver for 2.4 to work properly - i'm sure that the drivers are the problems.


                              Time spended 2 days.

                              Thank you.

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                                If you need a tester for Windows 7, I'm willing to try it. I'm software architect(with development background). I know more than enough about networking and debugging to qualify. Let me know.



                                • 28. Re: Intel AC7260 problems

                                  We are looking for more volunteers. Besides the points mentioned above we would like to choose people whose wireless adapters came preinstalled by the system manufacturer.

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                                    Hello joe_intel,


                                    I have a new Lenovo T440s with the 7260-AC card built-in.

                                    It has Windows 7 x64 installed with the latest Lenovo drivers from October installed.  i am connecting to a Comcast wireless OEM router.


                                    I am experiencing the same "drops" as people here - the signal is OK but I will have "limited access".  The only way to recover is to disable/enable the wireless adapter.  Also, on resume from hybernate it will not want to find and connect to the network.


                                    I would be interested in working with Intel on solving this issue - I am a technical IT manager for a large manufacturing company.


                                    Thank you,



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