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    Windows 8.1 Release and Intel HD 5000 Issues


      I have a VAIO Duo 13 SVD132190X.  I'm a developer and I recently did a full refresh in windows 8.0 and then after I removed all my data and reset windows to fresh and  installed/applying all 8.0 updates.  I did a upgrade to windows 8.1 from the official release image on the MSDN. 


      After the update there two main issues that present.  The main being that several app have issues rendering items.  An example is all the buttons on this webpage:


      Humble Bundle.png


      This image is taken from IE you notice the Blog, Support and Login buttons appear to have a x through them.  Also the red and green text to the left of the purchase button is distorted. 


      Here is another example from Firefox:


      Firefox X.png


      You see the same x through the download.  If I uninstall the Intel HD driver from add remove programs these graphical artifacts disappear. 


      Uninstalling the driver also allowed me to finally install Visual Studio 2012 which was failing until the driver was removed.  It was this issue that finally lead me to realize the visual artifacts were from the video card and not the browsers/8.1.




      The drivers are currently causing several programs to crash but unfortunately I have to have them installed or Netflix won't work.  How soon can updated Intel drivers for 8.1 be expected?