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    My cpu fan stops spinning when windows goes up.


      Hi everyone, im new to the community.

      I've searched my problem, but i just got 2 posts barely related to mine, without answer:




      The thing is, when i turn on my notebook, the cpu fan spins until windows start loading or so, maybe a sec before. So when im working with my laptop, it starts to freeze, because the cpu fan is stopped.

      I have been using same Windows 7 and configuration since i bought it a year and a half ago.

      My Laptop config:

      Windows 7 Home Edition (updated)


      4GB ram

      650 gb HD


      Before i realized the cause of the freeze problem was the cpu fan, i thought it was my windows, so i decided to format it and give a try to Windows 8.1 preview. So now it has installed Windows 8.1 preview (clear install).


      It's a generic one from Argentina, thats why i dont give info about the brand.


      What should i do to fix this problem?