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    Power Fault LED is B.L.I.N.K.I.N.G


      DH87MC with i5-4570s. I've been chasing issues with this setup configured as a home server Win 8, using 2xNORCO SS-500 5xSATA III removable drives (6xWD-3T Reds).  Finally got things working and noticed that the Power Fail LED on the mobo is blinking.  I started with an OCZ-550watt ZT PSU, then, suspecting a power issue a Antec 650watt EA-650 Plat (Turned out to be a BIOS setting.).  However both PSUs have the Power Fault LED blinking; one-second on, one-second off.  Don't mind the blinking, but unit now also powers-down, and then restarts.

      Internet and Intel search have yielded nothing.  Hoping someone here might have a suggestion(s).

      Many thanks,