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    Intel 4000 help


      Hey guys,


      I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and a Sager 9150 laptop.  I have tried updating my graphics on the Intel 4000 many times with various drivers (including the latest on 9/11) and I can never find a stable version that will startup correctly or play in games without crashing.  The only version of drivers that are stable on my laptop are the Intel 2932 drivers.  I have the AMD 7970M with switchable graphics and the latest driver that will run in conjunction with the 2932 is the AMD 13.4.  What sucks is I can't disable switchable graphics to always run the AMD drivers but I was just wondering if anyone has a solution so I can install the latest drivers and they run stable?  Most the times when I try to startup the Intel graphics options it crashes on me.  Thanks for the help.