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    Laugh If You Must.... I don't think they even made one shucks...... 320 SSD 512GB?




      I am the other guy that got fooled.  I am a noob when it comes to SSD's.  I have basic knowledge when it comes down to the nuts and bolts.... Well I found a dandy deal on a SSD on Ebay well not knowing what I was buying it was said to be a NEW Intel in the static bag Intel 512gb SSD,  It didn't work in my Toughbook.  Well it didn't have the embossed Logo for Intel either..... and I got to noticing the label is wrong as well.  I also noticed the

      ISN # numbers don't work and the model numbers won't enter into the intel  tools system.  So he says he will refund my money or send a replacement... I don't want a replacement.  Buyer beware. This guy has sold this to 4 little lambs so far.

      I would like a note sent to ebay to stop this fraud.  If you would be so kind...  There are 4 more sales for this drive on ebay by other sellers as well.  All claiming new drives.


      Intel Model# SSDSA2CW512G3 ISN# cvpr129601jd512ngn


      Genuine Intel SSD 320 Series 512GB SSD SSDSA2CW512G3 2 5" Solid State Drive | eBay


      Sorry I posted in the wrong venue...




      Richard Wolters