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    Intel 82801 GR/GH driver update


      I have installed a new HDD WD2500 (cloned) on a HP3117 with Intel 82801 GR/GH SATA Controller (AHCI mode).

      I use Vista 32bits SP2 and actual SATA controller driver is Intel Matrix Storage V7.6.9.
      I encounter some problem under Vista with Windows Update and Windows Mail (ESENT.DLL error -583)
      It seem that Vista need to access to "bytes per physical sector" of HDD but this function is not supported in my configuration (verified with fsutil.exe).
      I try some update of Intel Matrix Storage driver (with executable file) but each time Vista can't boot !
      Can somebody help me to find the good driver and method to update the 82801 GR/GH controller ?

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          SL41, could you please provide a dxdiag report from your system to get further details on the computer being used. To get this report, go to the Start menu, type dxfiag and then click on "Save all information"

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            Thank you very much for your answer.
            Fortunately, I do find the good Rapid Storage driver for my new HDD in AHCI mode under Vista (v9.6) and all work fine.

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              That's good to know.!

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                If that could help someone I describe the way to avoid problem when cloning old HDD (512 bytes by physical sector) to new HDD (4kb by physical sector).
                Before cloning, Intel Rapid Storage driver must be installed on old drive (v9.6 in my case Vista 32bits and bios in AHCI mode) and Microsoft KB2553708 too.
                If KB2553708 update is forgetted before cloning, it can't be installed directly after (installation error) but ESENT.DLL 6.0.6002.22531 can be extract from Windows6.0-KB2553708-x86.msu.
                Open cmd windows in administrator mode and go to KB2553708 download directory
                expand -F:* Windows6.0-KB2553708-x86.msu

                expand -F:* Windows6.0-KB2553708-x86.cab

                With explorer find old ESENT.DLL in system32 directory.
                Change security to have full access and to be owner of this file.

                In cmd mode goto system32 directory and rename ESENT.DLL -> ENSENT.OLD

                With explorer find the new ESENT.DLL on expand directory and copy it to system32.

                Reboot and install KB2553708.
                Normally it works without problem...

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