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    Intel DG31 PR - Intel desktop Utilities




      I recently bought myself an intel pearlt creek board (DG31PR) and core 2 duo 2.8 ,3mb L3 cache. At first I used a utility called speedfan to check on CPU

      temp and it was reporting 84 degress. The same in the bios. I eventually resolved the issue by upgrading the bios. I still however have an issue with using Intel dezsktop utilities and Intel active monitor. From what i have read it would appear that intel desktop monitor is compatible. The monitor starts up but its all messed up with none of the menus and information being visible. Even the tabs seems to be corrupt as they dont even look normal. None of the temps or settings are visible. I have also tried the intel chipset driver installation utility to no avail. Please help !!!\


      Thank you

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          Hi there,


          Old Boards from list below should use:
          Intel Active Monitor.

          3 Series and 4 Series (new boards) should use:
          Intel Desktop Utilities:
          Try this:

          Website: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&Inst=Yes&ProductID=2933&DwnldID=17223&strOSs=44&OSFullName=Windows*%20XP%20Professional&lang=eng


          Website: http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/idu/

          To be honest with you, even on some old Intel Desktop boards, i have used the new Intel Desktop Utilities and it worked

          fine for me.


          Extreme Boards use:
          Intel Desktop Control Center


          All the best,


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            Hi Rajiv


            I have tried to install intel active monitor v1.2.2 and says board not supported and aborts.


            I have tried IDU_2.1.9.66_Light and IDU_3.0.15.063 both install but both utilitues do not work after install. older version says service not started. Newer version starts but shows no stats all info is blank (and smbus driver will not start unlike the smbus driver included with which actually starts but does not work overall).

            I also tried to download the IDU using the link you provided (this link no longer exists and hasnt for a while , tried it once before). Perhaps there is a much newer version of IDU than the ones I have. BTW i used Bios update PRG3110H.86A.0066.EB. Perhaps another smbus driver or something for the new version. Like I said I tried intel chipset installation utility so i assume this driver was included. I'm pretty much out of options now. Hope this helps

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              Hi Rajiv


              Ok I managed to get somewhere. I resolved the SMbus issue by using the inf update utility (what many have failed to mention is that the -overall switch needs to be used). Ok so the SMbus driver is now operational. However none of the utilities work. IDU seems to work the best (if you can call it that) in the the application starts up with no errors and the interface is available to use but has none fo the information it is supposed to (e.g. temperatures readings, all fields are blank). Hope this helps

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                Hi Devang,


                To be honest with you, i remembered to use this board and install Intel Desktop Utilities from the link that i have forwarded to you and it worked fine.


                So i dont have any clue where the problem is, possibly when installing different sofware utilities on the system caused a problem.


                Personally, if this was my system, i would have backup my system on a separate drive.

                Then i will do a CMOS clear on the system.

                Re-flash the bios using BIOS recovery method.

                Load Bios to defaults F9 & F10

                Install a clean OS.

                Install the drivers from the web in the following order:

                1. Chipset

                2. Graphics

                3. Audio

                4. Management Engine

                5. Lan

                6. Desktop Utilities.


                If everything works fine, then i will upgrade to SP3.


                Other than this, no idea, mate.


                All the best,




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                  Hi Aryan


                  I was trying to avoid a total system rebuild. I do agree , too much installation of utilities could have lead to this problem. I am too lazy ;-) to do a complete rebuild. I think i'll do without the use of IDU for now until the day a rebuild becomes necessary. BIOS and CMOS operations seem to be normal to me. In fact the bios upgrade I did rectified the incorrect temperature readings. Anyways thanks for the help. Which country are you from if you dont mind me asking ?Are you part of Intel support?


                  Thank You

                  Devendran Govender