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    mSATA SSD cache with QM67 chipset laptop


      I want to speedup my Lenovo X220.

      Don't want to reinstall all in a new SSD for costs and opportunity reasons (I haven't a MS Win7 installer DVD was installed OEM).

      So better option it's just add some small mSATA SSD such as 40-60GB and use it as HDD cache.


      Problem is what can I use?


      Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) can be the solution, but I can't find if will work or not with my chipset.

      Intel declare work only on Z68 or 77 chipset, but also SSD 311 appear to be working with QM67 in some Intel portals (UK) and not in others.

      Lenovo allow to download the driver for Intel Rapid Storage Technology (SRT) for QM67, SRT it's part of RST, but can't understand if that will automatically enable it in my system.


      Please can someone give me advice?