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    only 3.3G memroy can be used with Atom 330


      My board is designed with 945GC, and intergrated Atom 330 processer. there are 2 memroy slots. I installed 2 items of 2G ddr2 800 memory, (total 4G)

      in the P.O.S.T screen , it can display 4G memory, but in BIOS settings screen , only show 3.3G mem.

      and I installed windows server 2008 x64, it shows me total 4G memory in the system interview page.but in task manager, the phy. memory is 3.3G.

      I know it is always be that in 32bit os, but never in 64bit os. and atom 330 is support EM64T, it should be find more memory...