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    Cannot Install VMWare ESXi S2600CP2 in ESRT-2 RAID


      Dear All, I have 10 server using Intel ServerBoard S2600CP2 Board, I've been confused dealing with VMWare ESXi 5.x Installation. Its been 2 weeks since I decided to build Server using S2600CP2 and 2 x E5-2620, but I found a dead end with ESXi Installation. Unfortunately, I've bought 10 RKSAS8R5 for upgrading my SAS Capability, and it didn't work with ESXi. I try to use both ESRT-2 and RSTe, but no driver could detect the RAID Controller. My question:

      1. Is there any fit driver for ESXi 5.x?

      2. How could I maximize using Virtual Machine, especially with VMWare ESXi 5.x? Or, does anything VM Program outside VMWare?

      3. I try to unplug the RKSAS8R5 from the SATA/SAS, and then, my all system is still detected the SAS HDD. Is the RKSAS8R5 one time plug for all system, or just one system?


      Thank you for your attention and answer.