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    Flickering screen and X-Server crashes


      Hi there,

      I'm experiencing problems with my i7-4770S graphics. The screen sometimes flickers, producing horizontal bars, about 100 px in height, moving up and down. The bars are not fully colored green, more like a chessboard with the normal background content and the occasional green pixel. The green pattern, in the same time, seems to move left or right. I was not able yet to capture it on camera. The flickering occurs in any OS, including BIOS setup.


      Additionally, from time to time, my X-Server (Fedora 19, Linux 3.10.11) and/or single X applications crash.

      Backtraces from Xorg.0.log.old and libxcb crash information from dmesg:




      Asus H87M-E (C2)

      Intel i7-4770S (bought it boxed)

      G-Skill F3-10600CL9S-4GBNT (2 x 4 GB - worked fine on another Asus board)

      Samsung SyncMaster 2333 monitor (works fine with other computers)


      Does anybody know what exactly is happening and what to do to fix it?