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    DG43NB boot problem


      My DG43NB does not boot when I have USB reciever of my Logitech wireless keyboard+mouse set plug in a USB port on the board (boot screen stops on post code 50). Keyboard and mouse is working fine on other boards (I tried it on 3 different computers with MB Intel DQ45CB, Gigabyte EP43-DS3 and Gigabyte EP45-DS5). On DG43NB I have to unplug the reciever, boot, and then plug it in and it works, until I shut down my computer. The problem is the same on different BIOS versions (even with new 82). Has anyone some tips how to resolve this problem, please?

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          I don't have a solution to this problem, but perhaps a work-around. I have seen this type of issue (with another motherboard) where the computer would not boot if an iPod was plugged into a USB port at boot-up. My workaround was to stick-in a USB add-on card (PCI) and connect the iPod to that. Problem solved.

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            Stick-in a USB add-on card is usefull tip, but I want to solve the problem, not to bypass it. Because there is a unknown bug there, which can appear again. And as Murphy's law says bypassed problems appear again in the most inopportune moment.

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              hi has any one find a solution for this ? i have 3 mobo here if intel dosen't find any solution to this i will return these motherboards i don't wan spend money on a xtra add on card

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                use a keyboard and mouse from a other manufacturer. I had the same problem

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                  I hope this helps someone in future with the same issue....


                  Had this same problem when connecting a Logitech wireless keyboard. The intel motherboard wouldn't boot with the USB receiver plugged in no matter what BIOS / settings I tried.


                  I bought a Premium Logitech 4-port USB Hub for Notebooks (comes with power adapter).


                  If you plug in the USB hub and then plug in the wireless keyboard/mouse receivers into that, then the PC will get past the POST successfully. It seems to detect the HUB but doesn't poll the connected devices, hence solving the issue.


                  Most likely will work with other hubs too... but can't be certain, so listed the exact model I bought. Good luck.