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    [Solved Non-Intel] Adapter switching cannot be disabled after enabling via administrator tool


      Hi there,

      I have a painful experience of not being able to disable the adapter switching after enabling it once.


      A little bit of background:

      Windows 7 SP1, latest updates, latest drivers for both Intel Wireless N6205 and wired 82579LM

      This is Dell Latitude E6420 computer.

      In addition to the wireless module, another original Dell WWAN module was added.


      The situation is as following:

      Due to my work nature, my computer frequently requires multiple connections, such as to internal network w/o Internet access and to the Internet, in order to download a file to it.

      Current behavior is:

      When connecting a network cable to the internal LAN, no matter if it is enabled or disabled, the Wireless Radio is forcefully turned off, as well as Dell WWAN adapter!

      Although I think that this behavior is completely wrong, let's say that it is by design.


      The problem seems to be, that after enabling the Adapter Switching via Administrator Tool yet 2 years ago, I cannot disable it.

      I've already reinstalled Windows from scratch a couple of times, however the problem seems to be not fully "software-related"


      My steps to try disabling the adapter switching:

      Go to Administrator Tool >> Create New Package > Aplication Settings

      Check the "Include Application Settings in this package..."

      Go to Adapter Switching and... Voilla!

      There is only a checkmark to enable the feature, but no option to force disable it!

      {BTW, in latest version of the driver a remark was added stating that this feature is supported by Windows 7 Client only. Is it only 7, 7 and lower or 7 and higher?}

      No need to say that after saving the new profile and applying it, nothing happens.


      So, beware of Adapter Switching! As for now, it is one-way ticket!

      If somebody have managed to fix that, please update.

      No need to say that I have not found a fix for two years.


      Upd: not related to Intel Adapter switching technology. Turned to be a wicked BIOS setting on Dell Latitude