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    CPU cooler and DH55HC


      I just bought a Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler. Installed, kept my cpu cool for a while. After the first restart, it crashed my pc all the time.


      The thing is: My bios asks for min 600 rpm. And the cooler is cool enough, so it will get tot 200-300 rpm. In my bios ( v 0.48) for Intel DH55HC motherboard doesn't support changing the CPU fan from the bios. Only the rear and front fan.


      I replaced my old cpu fan and it worked like a charm, thought not as good as the Hyper 212 EVO ( sadly ).


      Question is: is there another way to fix it. Is there knowledge of this problem, is it me that is doing something wrong ?


      Sadly i can't use the cpu cooler now, it's a great device, works awesome if you get past the windows logo. ( crashed moslty during the loading of windows logo, did a clean install, no drivers first etc etc etc ).


      Hope to get some info, or maybe help some other people who have the same problem with motherboards that don't have this options

      (changing the fan speed).


      Greetings Kevin

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          Hi Knois,

          You can use third party coolers with the unit but we cannot guarantee if the cooling solution is capable to cool enough the processor.


          I recommend you accessing the fan options at bios level and set the Fan to be running at 1000 rpm. By doing this, the system should not crash. Another good step is to verify the Thermal Material on the fan in case that it is missing or requires more.

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            Thanks for the awnser Kevin.


            Change the cooler ( fan ), could be an idea. Though i think it won't fit, i'll check that out.


            As i said in my last message. With his mobo (DH55HC) and bios, i can't change the cpu fan speed. Only the rear and front fans. Setting the rpm to a higher minimal rpm should solve the issue. But i can't.



            Thermal material, as in paste or ?



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              Hi Knois,

              In this case, since the old CPU fan was working fine, I recommend you checking with a different fan or test this one you have in other unit to discard a possible fan problem.

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                Hi Kevin,


                I will try this next weekend ( another fan ).


                I still would like to know if this mobo+bios are able to change the min. rpm of the cpu fan.

                i am 90% sure this will fix it. After restarting the pc a few times, the cpu got a bit hotter ofc.

                Because of this the fan rpm started at 600 rpm ( or more ). This made pc start normally and when it was up and running, windows took over the hardware monitor and it run like never before.Cpu was cool, everything runnend smoothly.


                Again, i will try it out, the things you told me. Thanks again for the  response and i will get back to you.

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                  Hi Knois,

                  I have tested the same model from our side using an Intel Fan for this motherboard and I was not able to either replicate the issue you are having or changing the fan RPMs at bios level.

                  At this point and based on this, I recommend as mentioned before testing a different fan to discard a fan problem.

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                    Hi Kevin,


                    Thanks for testing! I will test it and get back to you. I hope the fan is just broken, so i can resolve this by getting a new fan. Again thanks for helping me so far.


                    I'll post again when i tested a new fan.



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                      No Problem. Let me know!