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    V-Pro chip and Server 2012


      I want to load Windows 2012 server with a Hyper-V and I have a old machine with a V-pro chip (Core 2 Duo 3GHz E6850).  THis is going to be a home test server, so I don't need a ton of performance, but do need it to run.  this processer started in a Dell 770, which had virtualization disabled in the BIOS.  THen I got a DG33FB montherboard, which is missing both the RAID I want, and the ability to leverage the Virtualization.  Can someone recommend a motherboard for me to use?  I have 8 GB of DDR2 memory and two 1 GB SATA-2 drives that have to go to the new server.  What is the best board to get?  Should I give up and move to a different processor chip?