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    Raid 0 failed


      Hi, when I turn on my laptop, it won't boot. This is the screenshot from the Intel RST.



      Thanks a lot for your help.

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          Heidetto, The screenshot indicates you only have one member disk detected; that is most likely the reason for both RAID 0 volumes to appear as failed.


          The best recommendation here is to verify the connection of the missing drive. You may also test such drive in a different system just to confirm if it is completely failed; if the drive is still not being detected you may need to replace it.


          In case the drive is detected again you may have a chance to get it working again if the data is not corrupted. If the RAID 0 remains failed, all data is lost and you will probably need to create a new RAID 0 volume and start over.


          Intel� Rapid Storage Technology (Intel� RST); User guides